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Straight Bevel Gear Forgings

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A straight bevel gear is a gear in which the axes of the two member shafts intersect and the tooth flanks are conical in shape. However, straight bevel gear sets are usually mounted at 90°; other angles are also used. The pitch faces of bevel gears are conical. Two very important properties of a gear are tooth flank and pitch angle.

Straight bevel gear

Spur gears have a pitch angle of zero, while bevel gears typically have a pitch angle between 0° and 90°. The more common types of bevel gears have a conical shape and a pitch angle of 90° or less. This type of bevel gear is called an external bevel gear because the teeth face outward. The pitch faces of the meshing external bevel gears are coaxial with the gear shaft. The vertices of the two surfaces are always at the intersection of the axes. A bevel gear with a pitch angle greater than 90° is called an internal bevel gear; the tooth top of the gear faces inward. A bevel gear with a pitch angle of exactly 90° has teeth parallel to the axis.

The manufacturing process of straight bevel gears is relatively complicated, and precision machining and matching are required to ensure the transmission efficiency and life of the gears. Common straight bevel gears include straight bevel gear pairs, double bevel gear pairs, worm gears, etc.


  ● The included angle between the gear axis and the transmission direction is a right angle (90 degrees).

  ● The tooth surface of the bevel gear is a conical surface, which is suitable for occasions where the transmission axes are not parallel.

  ● The transmission ratio can be changed by adjusting the position of the gear to achieve different speed and torque requirements.

  ● It can realize the transmission between two shafts and is widely used in various mechanical equipment.

  ● Precision machining and matching are required to ensure the transmission efficiency and life of the gear.

  ● The contact line speed of the gear tooth surface is high, and the transmission efficiency of the gear is relatively low.

  ● There will be certain noise and vibration during the transmission process.

  ● Straight bevel gears are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and easy to produce and repair.

  ● It can realize forward and reverse transmission, and the transmission effect is stable and reliable.

  ● Straight bevel gears have a simple structure and are relatively easy to install and adjust.

Straight bevel gear forging

Straight bevel gears have important applications in construction equipment, automotive transmission systems, various machining equipment, marine propellers, reducers, etc. They are also used in various industrial applications such as assembly line drives, escalator drives and wind tower gearing.

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