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Car Parts - Rear Supporting Bracket

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The rear supporting bracket of car parts is an important part of the automobile chassis system. Its main function is to support and stabilize the car body and ensure the stability and safety of the car during driving. The rear support frame is generally composed of multiple components, including brackets, shock absorbers, suspension arms, etc., which work together to provide stable suspension and support for the car.

The rear supporting bracket of car parts usually consists of the bracket body, connecting rods, shock absorbers and other components. The bracket body is the main part of the rear support bracket. It is generally made of high-strength steel and is connected to the body chassis through welding or bolting. The connecting rod is responsible for connecting the rear support bracket to the wheel suspension system and transmits force and torque. Shock absorbers are used to absorb and buffer the vibration and impact generated during vehicle driving to improve ride comfort.

Rear supporting bracket

The forging process of the rear supporting bracket of car parts mainly includes the steps of raw material preparation, heating, forging, cooling and heat treatment. First, select appropriate raw materials, such as high-strength carbon steel, alloy steel, etc., for cutting and grinding to meet the forging requirements. Then, the raw material is heated to a certain temperature to make it have good plasticity and toughness. Next, the heated raw material is pressure forged through a mold to form it into the desired shape and size. After forging is completed, the parts are cooled and heat treated to improve their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.


  ● Made of high-strength steel, it has high yield strength and tensile strength, and can withstand large loads and impact forces.

  ● The rear support bracket has a reasonable structural design, which can effectively support and stabilize the vehicle body, reduce vibration and bumps during vehicle driving, and improve ride comfort.

  ● By optimizing material selection and structural design, the rear support bracket of automobile parts is lightweight while maintaining sufficient strength and stability, which helps reduce the weight of the entire vehicle and improve fuel economy and power performance.

  ● The connection method of the rear support bracket is usually bolted or welded to facilitate maintenance and replacement. When the rear support bracket is damaged or worn, it can be quickly replaced to restore the normal use of the vehicle.

  ● Surface treatments and coatings are applied during the manufacturing process to improve corrosion resistance. This helps extend the life of the rear brace and reduces the frequency of repairs and replacements.

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