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Forging Pinion Gear Roller Shaft

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Pinion gear roller shaft is a mechanical part used to transmit motion and power. It consists of a pinion gear and a shaft as a whole, meshing with a gear on another shaft to achieve changes in different speeds or directions. Pinion gear roller shaft is generally used in high-speed or low-torque stages because its outer diameter is small and cannot be keyed to the shaft. Pinion gear roller shaft is widely used in transmission devices of automobiles, cultivators, machine tools, etc.

Pinion gear roller shaft

Forging process:

  ● Material preparation: Select a suitable metal material, such as steel, and cut and heat it to make it suitable for forging.

  ● Preheating: Heating metal materials to a suitable temperature to improve their plasticity.

  ● Forging: Place the preheated metal material in the forging mold, and use forging machinery and equipment to apply external force to cause the metal material to plastically deform in the mold to form the required pinion roller shape.

  ● Cooling and annealing: The forged pinion roller is cooled and annealed to eliminate internal stress and improve its strength and wear resistance.

  ● Mechanical processing: Necessary mechanical processing, such as turning, grinding, etc., is performed on the forged pinion roller to achieve the required size and surface accuracy.

Main feature:

  ● Smaller in size and volume, it is suitable for installation in mechanical equipment in dense or limited spaces.

  ● It has high precision to ensure the precise fit of gears and transmission efficiency.

  ● Bear large torque and load to ensure normal transmission effect and working life.

  ● It has good wear resistance, reduces wear and maintains transmission accuracy.

  ● Maintain smooth transmission, reduce noise generation, and avoid interference to the surrounding environment and operators.

  ● Reduce energy loss, improve transmission efficiency, and achieve higher work efficiency and energy saving effects.

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