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Stainless Steel Spur Gears

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A stainless steel spur gear is a cylindrical gear made of stainless steel material. It usually consists of a cylinder or disc with radially protruding teeth. The edges of each tooth are straight and parallel to the axis of rotation, although the teeth are not straight, usually specially shaped to achieve a constant ratio, which is mostly involute but rarely cycloidal.

Spur gear

There are two main types of spur gears: external and internal. The teeth of the external gear are cut out on the outer surface of the cylinder. The two external gears mesh together and rotate in opposite directions. In contrast, the teeth of an internal gear are cut out on the inner surface of a cylinder.

Spur gears are generally considered suitable for applications requiring reduction and torque multiplication, such as ball mills and crushing equipment. Although noisy, examples of high-speed applications for spur gears include consumer appliances such as washing machines and blenders. Spur gears have a wide range of applications: they are used to increase or decrease the speed of an object, they can also be used to increase or decrease the torque or power of a specific object. Because spur gears transfer motion and force from one shaft to another in mechanical structures, they are also found in aircraft engines, mixers, tumble dryers, construction machinery, fuel pumps, and more.

Stainless steel spur gear


  ● Strong anti-corrosion performance, can be used for a long time in corrosive environments such as humidity, acid and alkali, and is not easy to rust.

  ● Higher hardness and wear resistance can maintain good tooth shape and transmission efficiency and prolong service life.

  ● Good high temperature stability, can work in high temperature environment, not easy to deform and fail.

  ● Compared with traditional cast iron or steel gears, stainless steel spur gears have a lower density, which allows for lightweight design and reduces the weight of equipment.

  ● The stainless steel material is non-toxic and harmless, meets the health and safety requirements, and is suitable for applications in food, medicine and other industries.

  ● The manufacturing precision of the wheel is high, the tooth shape is regular, the friction noise is low, the operation is stable, and the noise pollution is reduced.

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