Wheel hub bolts hang small sign easily away from the danger of rollover

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123 from the puncture event, 99 for the truck puncture, accounting for 8 percent. The reason is that the truck more long-term running on the road, the tire high-load operation; Secondly, some trucks there are over-overload, so that the tire pressure too heavy. In addition, there are some truck owners to save money, to the car is equipped with old tires, or refurbished tires.

Summer has come most of the country have gradually entered the "barbecue mode", high temperature traffic safety issues have to cause everyone to pay attention, especially the puncture problem. According to statistics, in the highway about 1/3 of the traffic accident is caused by a tire failure, and one of the most important is the puncture.

Those who ran with a sudden Wei foot of the car, from the car to the cart, are self-willed on the road, "shoes". However, do not underestimate these wheels, in addition to lead to their own overturned, they are on the road to other vehicles and personnel lethality, is also very deadly. There are wheel off the situation, the majority of reasons are due to loose wheel bolts caused by the wheel. As the only accessory for fixed wheels and axles, many drivers are neglected for routine inspections.

In order to solve the large vehicles off the wheel brought about by the various hazards and accidents, some domestic and foreign dangerous goods vehicles wheel will be installed on this small parts, with it, you can let a very short time to find loose wheel bolts , Timely processing. This is the wheel bolt fastening standard, do not look it is just a humble plastic parts, but it can effectively avoid the wheel bolt off. Only need to be fixed on the fastening bolt, and adjust the "pointer" direction, if the bolt appears loose, then it will rotate with the bolt, so that "pointer" from the original angle.

After installing the fastening standard, we can see if the wheel bolts are loose at any time when the vehicle is not running. Compared to the wheel is not installed as compared to the standard, with a higher warning, so that loose bolts at a glance.

Of course, in addition to tightening the standard, we can also use other more economical way to label the bolt, such as through the above words or scale, as well as paint markers and so on. However, compared with the tightening standard, the durability of these methods and intuitive and not so strong, specifically how to choose, but also need to decide according to their own needs.

In the case of a heavy truck with a heavier load, the sudden departure of the wheel at high speed not only has a great safety hazard to the vehicle itself, but also destroys the normal driving attitude and stability of the vehicle, and the other vehicles and personnel on the road More serious loss, to know the speed of hundreds of pounds of wheel destructive power is still quite large.

So, no matter what method, in the daytime we should develop a good habit of checking the wheel fastening bolts, timely handling of loose bolts, to avoid the wheel with sick driving, bringing more serious property and loss of life.