Auto parts supporting pattern has been quietly changing business transformation as early as possible

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Recently, BorgWarner announced the acquisition of Sevcon for about $ 200 million. The transaction will be completed by cash. It is understood that Sevcon is a new energy vehicle control device and battery charger manufacturer in the UK. BorgWarner took a fancy to Sevcon's technology in the field of electric vehicles, which will bring more electric vehicle technology to BorgWarner's car-driven engineering and product mix, which will also make BorgWarner better into the United States and Europe Electric drive market. Just Borg Warner's strategic goal to become the industry's leading driver system technology, internal combustion engine technology, hybrid and electric technology suppliers. The acquisition of Sevcon will undoubtedly accelerate the plan of BorgWarner.

In addition to BorgWarner, what are the new technology (electric cars and autopilot) for multinational parts? Why are multinational parts choose to transition?

- Transnational parts have transition

For the automotive industry, this is a new era of change.

In the traditional car and new technology to accelerate the replacement of the moment, the future development of multinational parts enterprises face opportunities, but also suffered great challenges.

I remember a few years ago, cross-border parts have involved in auxiliary driving or automatic driving areas, but not all companies are clear ideas, into the field of electric vehicles. But the past two years, multinational parts enterprises in the new technology exhibition, the reporter found that their automatic driving, pure electric technology, regardless of the degree of attention.

With the development of electric vehicles, automatic driving technology routes more and more clear, almost no cross-border parts enterprises still firmly guarded the traditional internal combustion engine business, not to actively explore its field in the field of electric vehicles, automatic driving space for the development of space. Reporters read about 2017 global parts suppliers hundred list, Bosch, ZF, Magna, mainland, Aixin Seiki, modern MOBIS, Faurecia, Lear, Valeo and other top 20 Ranking enterprises, almost all involved in the electric car business, some of the strength, or with the automotive business are also related to the business in the active layout of the field of automatic driving.

Bosch Needless to say, batteries, electronic control, motor and other three core parts of the field are layout, Zifu seems to focus on the transmission and other transmission areas, but its pure electric, hybrid technology has also been the layout. And Bosch, as early as 2014, ZF launched a new electric vehicle electric drive system. At present, ZF has been involved in the field of electric vehicles. Even Magna, Faurecia, Lear and other parts of the seat, interior as the core business also have to find partners, the layout of the field of electric vehicles related technology.

In the field of automatic driving, Bosch, ZF, Magna, the mainland, Valeo, Delphi are relatively fast pace, has been squeezed in the first camp.

- The pattern of supporting parts has been changed

Recently, the Tesla Model 3 supplier list is widely disseminated in the media. It should be said that Tesla is the show of new technology because it is widely used in electric vehicle technology and auxiliary driving technology.

Reporters read a list of suppliers and found that the pattern of traditional auto parts has changed the pattern.

To powertrain system, for example, electric vehicles need a battery, battery management system, electric drive system, charging system, and before the fuel vehicle powertrain is very different, of course, supporting suppliers are not a field. In addition, the chassis system has also undergone many changes.

In the body, chassis, interior and exterior areas, may rely on the traditional multinational parts suppliers. It should be said that these multinational parts enterprises to enter the field of electric vehicles is relatively easy, just according to the characteristics of electric vehicles slightly changed.

Of course, the first to enter the field of intelligent driving parts and components business, mostly with automotive electronics business, as well as sensors and chip companies, and these companies in this round of technological change is also the most benefit.

Obviously, in the near future, the traditional internal combustion engine and supporting parts of the enterprise situation will become very serious, if not early transformation, there may be a future "dead end."