Problems and solutions in the auto parts market

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Auto parts is the basis of the automotive industry, supporting the sustained and healthy development of the automotive industry, we can see how important the status of auto parts. However, China's current auto parts market there are still many problems, the existence of these problems makes China's auto parts market orderly development is still some distance.

Auto parts market there are many problems and solutions

First, China's auto parts market problems

First, the product quality is not guaranteed. As China's auto parts industry threshold is low, imperfect supervision, making many investors see the business opportunities. In the fierce competition, enterprises in order to expand sales, usually using the price competition. The result is the source of accessories is very confusing, counterfeit pieces, inferior pieces are also full of the market, not only pit owners, but also pit business.

Second, the industrial layout is unreasonable. Repeated investment, low production concentration, production scale is too small and other issues have been filled with auto parts market. The reasons for this are both local government protection and corporate self-planning and other issues.

Finally, the enterprise distribution is unreasonable. At present, auto parts enterprises up to 25,000, which do not include roadside shops. Most auto parts enterprises to private-based, small-scale, scattered, no brand. In addition, there are still too long distribution channels, accessories and circulation are more complex, resulting in high cost of high profits, and further reduced the channel members and other issues.

Second, the cause of this situation

First of all, the enterprise itself is poorly managed. At present, China's auto parts area is still at a low level, enterprise management mode is extensive, cost control is weak, most auto parts enterprises only for a vehicle factory supporting, can not scale production. At the same time, the company's independent research and development capacity is insufficient, the lack of core technology.

Second, a wide range of accessories products. As a large number of car brands, different models, coupled with various types of accessories are flock to the market, leading to the professional level of accessories on the market is low, product quality can not be guaranteed, greatly affected the product circulation, degree.

Finally, the industry market system is not perfect. China's auto parts development is not perfect, is still in the transition stage, all of us have to step by step to explore their own. Policy changes, the legal system is not perfect, the absence of management and so on are making the development of auto parts area has been hampered.

Third, how to solve this situation

China's auto parts business scale is too small, so the scale has become the only way for the development of accessories business. And gradually form a coalition between enterprises is a top priority, alliance-style cooperation in many ways to make up for the lack of enterprises, strengthen the scale of enterprises, improve enterprise technology, improve enterprise management. At the same time, information is inevitable. In the Internet to become the mainstream of the era, auto parts market prospects must be very open, it contains a huge business opportunities can be imagined. Therefore, the information management and application is also a major mainstream of the times.