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Spiral Equal Diameter Bevel Gear Forgings

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The spiral equal diameter bevel gear is a kind of bevel gear, which is characterized by the fact that the two paired bevel gears have the same number of teeth, the angle between the shafts is 90 degrees, and the tooth height remains unchanged over the entire tooth width. The advantage of this kind of bevel gear is that it can achieve a large transmission ratio and improve the load capacity and service life. Bevel gears have high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient, high load-bearing capacity, smooth transmission, reliable operation, compact structure, energy saving, material saving, space saving, wear resistance, long life and low noise. They are widely used in various machinery In transmission, spiral bevel gears have high transmission efficiency and have great economic benefits for various transmissions, especially high-power transmissions.

Bevel gear forgings

Manufacturing steps:

  ● Choose appropriate metal materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.;

  ● Heating metal materials to appropriate temperatures to bring them to a plastic state;

  ● Put the heated metal material into the pre-made mold, and use a forging machine to apply pressure to fill the mold cavity and form the required shape;

  ● Take the forged bevel gear out of the mold and perform subsequent processing such as cleaning, deburring, and heat treatment;

  ● Conduct quality control such as inspection, testing, and polishing of forged bevel gears.

Product advantages:

  ● It can improve the strength, toughness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of gears and extend their service life;

  ● It can reduce the machining allowance and cost of gears and improve production efficiency;

  ● Spiral equal-diameter bevel gears of various specifications and sizes can be manufactured to meet different application requirements.

Spiral bevel gears are widely used in high-speed and heavy-load gear transmission systems where two axes intersect in aviation, automobiles, machine tools, etc.

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