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Forged Aluminum Alloy Truck Wheels

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Aluminum alloy truck wheels refer to truck wheels made of aluminum alloy materials, which are formed by hot forging from a metal blank, and then undergo hot or cold rotational deformation processing (rolling) and compulsory machining.

Aluminum alloy wheels


  ● Compared with steel wheels, it is lighter in weight, which can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, improve load capacity and fuel economy.

  ● Aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity, which can dissipate heat faster, reduce heat accumulation during braking, and improve braking performance and safety.

  ● It has good corrosion resistance, is not easy to rust and corrode, and can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

  ● It has high strength and rigidity, and can withstand large loads and impacts.

  ● With high surface finish and decorative, it can enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle.


  ● Material preparation: choose a suitable aluminum alloy material, usually an aluminum alloy with good strength and corrosion resistance.

  ● Heating and preheating: heating the aluminum alloy material to an appropriate temperature, usually above the recrystallization temperature of the material, to improve the plasticity and forgeability of the material.

  ● Mold design and manufacture: According to the shape and size requirements of the hub, design the corresponding mold, usually using a closed mold or an open mold.

  ● Forging operation: Put the preheated aluminum alloy material into the mold, apply pressure to deform it, and form the preliminary shape of the wheel hub.

  ● Heat treatment: Heat treatment of the forged hub, including solution treatment and aging treatment, to improve its strength and hardness.

  ● Machining: Machining the heat-treated hub, including turning, milling, drilling, etc., to obtain the final shape and size.

  ● Surface treatment: according to the needs, carry out surface treatment on the hub, such as spraying, polishing, anodizing, etc., to improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

It should be noted that during the whole forging process, parameters such as forging temperature, pressure and speed need to be well controlled to ensure the quality and performance of the hub. At the same time, strict quality inspection and testing are also required to ensure that the hub meets the design requirements and use requirements. Forged aluminum alloy truck wheels require high technological requirements and require the support of experienced engineers and professional equipment.

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