Are you aware of the top 10 car parts that have disappeared?Unexpected!

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Car R & D personnel, industry analysts and politicians have made an unprecedented consensus: before the implementation of auto driving, but also need to go through several generations of people driving the car.

This means that the car steering wheel also needs to stay for a long time. However, with the development of automotive technology, some parts of the car will gradually disappear from the car. Germany "Daily Mirror" inventory of the following 10 will soon disappear from the car 10 big objects.

Auto parts, auto parts

First, the speedometer

100 years, the generation of cars are equipped with a speedometer to show the car's engine speed and car speed and so on. However, this classic accessories will soon be replaced.

More and more car manufacturers to provide a set of display, internal integration of various data, according to the needs of the driver to display. High-end models such as BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-class, has been equipped with such equipment.

And like the BMW i3, Volvo V40 will also be gradually configured, this device will be popular in the low-end models.

Second, CD player

Older tape players have been replaced by CD players for many years, but in front of new technology equipment, CD players will become history.

According to CES electronic exhibition data show, with USB or Bluetooth devices connected to the mobile phone society or MP3 player has become the most frequent use of in-car music player. New playback equipment will even take the opportunity to replace the car broadcast.

Third, the ignition switch key

Emotional speaking, the ignition switch key is of great significance, can give people a sense of security. However, in actual use, its use frequency is not high. Now, a smart chip card can achieve the same or even better security effects, while using more convenient: the smart card inside the pocket, you can directly press the car to launch the button.

In addition, this smart card can not only be used for engine ignition, can also be used to drive the door. At present, the French Renault has been using such technology.

Four, xenon headlamps

Into the market less than 20 years, the car xenon headlamps are also facing the threat of disappearing. In the Audi headlamp research and development director Berlitz view, LED lights will be buried xenon headlamps: "lighting better, while more energy efficient."

At present, West Asia's compact car Leon has begun to use LED headlamps, and the new Audi A8 will also use the relevant technology.

Five, spare tire

Car spare tire takes up space and increases weight, it is very outdated. So from a few years ago, the number of cars equipped with spare tire is reduced, while more and more models using the so-called tire repair system. In the tire problems can automatically repair the defects, to maintain the driving ability of the car.

According to the ADAC test shows: the use of repair system puncture probability of about 10 years, which makes the spare tire is not necessary.

Six, navigation system

Infrastructure construction and the acceleration of road replacement to the old car navigation system more and more powerless, consumers are easy to upgrade frequently mobile navigation applications more and more trust.

The future, with the network mobile phones and other mobile devices connected with the server, access to real-time map data, will become a new trend in car navigation.

Seven, window shake handle

With the development of electronic technology, manually shake the windows will be more and more difficult to see. Remote control of the windows of the electronic window control system will become more and more models of the standard.

Eight, trunk handle

Pulling the handle to open the car trunk is the habit of people over the years to develop. But the future people may need to get rid of this habit: legs can open the trunk.

Nine, shift device

With the development of electric vehicle technology, more and more models will use electric power, and then, due to the difference between the motor and the traditional internal combustion engine, the vehicle speed does not need to change through the variable box, only need to adjust the size of the current.

Ten, the engine roar

V8 engine roar, turbocharger roar, once the car is a family of blood spray of the weapon. However, in the electric car era, sitting in the car, people can only hear the car outside the wind whistling. The roar of the engine, will become the era of internal combustion engine.